White Hawk in Whitney Biennial

Dyani White Hawk’s work ‘Wopila | Lineage’ involved 20 people from White Hawk’s community beading what reads from afar as geometric swaths of color. Close up, the 14-by 8-foot beaded rows shimmer with quillwork texture. The artist describes it in part as “a moment of gratitude and women to the history of abstraction.”

The work is hanging in the Whitney Museum’s prestigious Biennial show in New York City, at the fifth-floor entrance. Titled “Quiet as It’s Kept,” the Biennial is described on the Whitney’s website as “an intergenerational and interdisciplinary group of works reflect the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of the American experience today.”

Alicia Eler of the Star Tribune was at the March 29 VIP opening for the exhibit which runs through September 5. You can read Eler’s article here. White Hawk has a studio in the Casket Arts Building in the Arts District.

Dyani White Hawk (Photo by Dave Ellis) and her work Wopila|Lineage, courtesy of the artist.