The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District invites you to Northeast Artists at MSP Airport, our collection of exhibits at the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport. These exhibits introduce the traveling public to the artists of the District and the wealth of thought-provoking and memorable visual art being created here.

These exhibits, further described below, will be on view live at the airport from January 18 – December 31, 2021, as well as virtually on this website. In addition to showcasing our artists’ best work, our exhibits provide information that engages travelers directly with our artists, as well as with information about the District.

Click video to start. To watch the video larger, click the Fullscreen icon in the bottom right of the video.

Slideshow Video

Representation in the Slideshow video was available to every artist with a year-round presence in the District. 182 artists are represented. The Slideshow Video can be seen live on a 48 x 28 inch monitor at the Thomson Reuters Airport Mall Gallery of Terminal 1. Look for it in the Passages exhibit showcase. More information about each artist can be found on our Slideshow web pages. Contact artists directly to purchase work.

The Art of Abstraction Exhibit

The Art of Abstraction, co-curated by Ta-Coumba Tyrone Aiken and Sarah Nicole Knutson, showcases the work of 13 district artists. It is located by Gate H10 in Terminal 2.

More information about each artist can be found on our Art of Abstraction web pagesContact artists directly to purchase work.

Passages Exhibit

Passages, co-curated by Maggie Thompson and Christopheraaron Deanes, is located at the Thomson Reuters Airport Mall Gallery of Terminal 1 and showcases the work of 21 district artists. More information about each artist can be found on our Passages web pagesContact artists directly to purchase work.

Artist’s work responds to these definitions of the exhibit’s title:

  1. Movement from one place to another: physically, as an act of imagination, or of ritual;
  2. Physical spaces through which one moves to get from one place to another;
  3. Movement over time, through migration or looking through the lens of history, including the customs one keeps and those one leaves behind;
  4. Selected sections of a musical or literary work.

In the same display case is a visual and verbal history (see below) of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District as well as a monitor looping the Slideshow video (see above) of the work of 182 district artists.

District History Project

Created by Margo Ashmore and displayed at the
Thomson Reuters Airport Mall Gallery of Terminal 1 with the Passages exhibit, the 7 panels give an overview of District history: from an acknowledgement that the District is located on the traditional land of the Dakota people through to present day.

The district history can also be seen in a PDF here.

District Banner Art Project

Banner Art is the art you see at the top of each page of this website. When you move to another page a new artist is represented in the banner. 

This idea was an offshoot of the Slideshow project. With all the wonderful art pouring in from the Slideshow submissions, we took this opportunity to update our website’s banners. With permission from the artists our webmaster started cropping and reorienting slideshow images that had potential to make great banner art.. We are now proud to provide further exposure for 50 plus artists through the Banner Art Project.

If you see a banner that interests you anywhere on this site, click the ABOUT THIS IMAGE and it takes you to a list of all participating artists with a link to their slideshow web page and social media links.

Behind the Scenes / Northeast Artists at MSP Airport Program

Learn more about our curators and the rest of the team that brought this project into being, including installation images.