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Video Conferencing – Zoom

With our whole community ordered to stay home people are looking for other ways to be social. This has created a big demand for Video Conferencing and Online Gaming technologies. A few days ago I tried to video call a few close friends. I had technical difficulties with almost everyone I contacted. One couldn’t get their sound working another forgot to buy a webcam and head set with their new desktop computer. Technology is not often easy, but with a little patience it can prove quite rewarding. Here’s a few resources and suggestions.

The following link offers a detailed comparison (pros & cons) of available Video Conferencing options:
The Best Video Conference and Chat Apps for Self-isolation

In brief, it talks about Skype, which is old technology but works fine if it’s something you are familiar with. Google Hangouts is another good alternative. But it’s ZOOM that is getting all the media attention. It’s easy, clean and multi-functional, but if you want to talk for more than 40 minutes without the interruption of having to restart, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee.

MMO – Final Fantasy

Another way of socializing is to play online games. This might be the right time to call up that friend that has been bugging you to join them in an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game. I never got into these “Monster Killing” games, but I used to love to play Online Poker, another way to socialize. If you’re clever with technology, you can gather a few friends in a Skype, then join on online poker site together.

The following link lists MMOs for beginners:
The Perfect Ten: Best starter MMOs

The follow is a list of online poker sites. When I played, I joined BetOnline. You don’t have to play for money, but you can. Be careful.
Best online Poker Sites

If you are really up for a challenge you might try joining Second Life. Beware! There is a steep learning curve and it’s very addictive. But it might be just the thing if you’re lonely and living alone. I spent 5 years of my life in Second Life and loved every minute. I actually made ART there and lots of friends, close friends. Second Life is not a shoot’em up game; it is a “place to be,” where you create your own world with the help of others. Most of what you can do in “real life,” you can do in the “virtual reality” of Second Life.

Second Life

To join Second Life start here: Second Life

Hope this is useful, and let me know in an email about your adventures.

Online Poker – BetOnline