Results from “the Max”

Thursday, November 19 was a lot of fun, as Give to the Max Day generated approximately $6,600 for the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. We gave away two Water Taxi experiences, to Mark Jones and Larry & Patti Rogacki, as prize incentives for donating during two time periods at a certain level.

Suzann Beck Last Rose of Summer

Thanks to the following people, some off-line and a few anonymous, we raised in excess of our $2,500 goal which was matched by Mike Venne-witz in honor of State Representative Diane Loeffler. (Arts District board members provided $250 in matching money, of a total of $1,320 toward the cause.)

Paula Allan, Margo Ashmore, William Bentsen, Carmen Gutierrez Bolger, Patricia A. Canney, Marc Clements, Cori Culp, Suzanne Durkacs, Bridget Faricy, Josephine A. Geiger, Sally Grans Korsh, Kathryn Hayes, Amy and Brian inplainsight art, Mary Johnson, Mark Jones, Jeffrey Kraker, John Kremer, Jessica Lacher, Douglas Lissick, Steven Liston, Brenda Litman, Joyce Lyon, Bonnie McDill, Layl McDill, Mary McDunn, Shelly Mosman, Paul Ostrow, Beatrice Owen, Leslie Palmer-Ross, Jane Powers, Michael Rainville, Larry and Patti Rogacki, Thomas Schrunk, James Shadko, Scott Strand, Mike Vennewitz, Susan Warner, Karen Wilcox, Maura Williams, Farah Wissinger, Michelle M.Woster, Gerald & Jacqueline Young, Jennifer Young.

If you missed us on November 19, it’s not too late to make or add to your contribution. Our page is open year-round at https://www.givemn. org/organization/Northeast-Minneapolis-Arts-District

Thanks to everyone for supporting our mission as guardians and advocates for preserving and expanding art production space.

With your help, The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District supports and promotes artists, arts and culture, incubates arts-related projects, en- courages thoughtful community-connected economic growth, tourism and worldwide cultural artistic exchanges.

by Margo Ashmore