Mirror at Rosalux Gallery

“Isn’t it ironic that ‘2020’ often refers to seeing things more clearly? Well, this year has certainly done that. 2020 has grabbed us by the shoulders and given the world a much needed shake. First, a global quarantine forced humankind to break from the normal routine of ‘commute, consume, repeat.’ Shocking at first, but in hindsight, it’s become clear that we don’t need to live that way — something Mother Nature has been begging us to realize for decades. And then, the murder of George Floyd took yet another set of blinders off. Racism is not a topic we can place neatly into history books and close the cover on. Systemic racism has been methodically woven into our daily lives — even if we don’t want to believe it.

“All of us need to take a moment, hold up a mirror, and take a really close look. Who are you? What do you believe? What can you do differently? 2020 wants to know.”  —Danielle Krysa 

rosalux newsDanielle Krysa has a BFA in Visual Arts, and a post-grad in graphic design. She is the writer/curator behind the contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator (est. 2009), and has curated art shows from Washington DC to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Toronto. Danielle creates her own artwork as well — mixed media collages which combine found images, paint, and as much humor as she can pack into each title. When she’s not in the studio, Danielle is writing books: Creative Block, Collage, and Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk were the first three, and her fourth book, A Big Important Art Book – Now with Women, was released in October of 2018. Danielle has also had the great pleasure of speaking at TEDx, PIXAR, Creative Mornings, CreativeLive, and was interviewed for several video segments on oprah.com. The Jealous Curator has been featured by Oprah Magazine/oprah.com, Brain Pickings, Fast Company, Apartment Therapy, Sunset Magazine, Frankie Magazine, InsideOut Magazine, Flow Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, Glamour Paris, and more.

Every six weeks the artists of Rosalux will present a new collaborative effort around a theme chosen by curators and artists close to the gallery highlighting the unexpected ways we find ourselves existing in the world today. Each exhibit will be available for viewing online on our their website, but will also be available in book form which you can collect and make a part of your home! The newest online exhibit is titled “Intimacy,” which was chosen by Nicole Soukup of the MIA. Rosalux looks forward to sharing work with you again face-to-face.