Marketing Studies available to Artists

The Small Business Institute at the University of St. Thomas offers a team of senior-level marketing students who will spend an entire semester designing a marketing project. The Small Business Institute (SBI) provides local businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools high-quality business consulting in the area of marketing.

With the guidance of experienced faculty and with your input, a team of senior-level marketing students will spend an entire semester designing and executing your consulting project.  When the project is complete, you will meet with the student team and their supervising faculty member for an oral presentation of the results.  In addition, you will receive a comprehensive written report detailing what the students have done for you, the results of the project, and the team’s conclusions and recommendations.

This strategic marketing plan will include:

• Identification of marketing opportunities and target markets

• Assessment of current marketing activities

• Analysis of sales, buyer behavior, and competition

• Market planning and issues of pricing, promotion, and distribution

Deliverables upon completion of your project are:

• A comprehensive written report detailing the project’s objectives, findings, and suggested courses of action

• An oral presentation of the project findings to the client’s team

• An electronic copy of the project report

The program is now accepting new applications for the Spring of 2022. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, fill out an application. Below are the link and instructions to download an application or contact Katie Mullen for a hard copy. Visit the website for further information about this resource and to view testimonials from satisfied clients. Questions: Call Katie McMullen at the SBI office at 651-962-5097 or at their cell at 320-266-3680 with any immediate questions. Email: