Layl McDill Goes Virtual for ART365

Our very first ART365 virtual event took place on FaceBook and then on Instagram Tuesday, March 31. It was really fun and gave some ideas for what artists can do to safely bring visitors into their studios.

Layl McDill, a polymer clay artist, worked with bits of clay on her studio bench, and took cues from the online participants for suggestions about what animals she should make, what color they should be, etc. Layl is amazingly quick and agile with her fingers, and also makes use of a few tools for fine details—toothpick, exacto knife, the edge of a credit card. A comment I appreciated was “I’m constantly grateful for these tools on the ends of my fingers”—her fingernails.

Layl’s event was super entertaining to watch. She created about a dozen tiny animals in the first 90 minutes: a turtle, an octopus, a kitten, a frog, a sloth, lastly an elephant. The deftness with which she worked made me feel like she was god creating the animal kingdom before my very eyes!

See it for yourself—the FaceBook event has been recorded and can be viewed here: