Fighting City Hall and Developers

The fight goes on! The 2301 California St. NE development is currently in process until Friday Nov. 13th when the city council will decide whether they will deny the zoning change that will stop the project or NOT and let the project go forward. We still have a chance to stop this project and others like in the future. Your voice and energy is needed this week.

While we support affordable housing in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, such housing should not be substandard or hazardous and should not endanger art studio buildings.

City Council Member Steve Fleeter Ward 3First we ask everyone to contact Steve Fletcher.
Virtual Coffee with Council Member Fletcher Thu, November 12,
5pm – 6pm
 Microsoft Teams: or by phone
Questions to ask Steve or your Ward 3 Council Member. Pick your favorites! 

The current zoning doesn’t allow it. Please say no.
Ask him why he is trying to kill the Arts District?  Why aren’t you protecting the Arts District?

Why is he not listening to the Neighborhoods concerns or returning phone calls and emails?

California building from tracks

Is it really smart to put high-density low income housing on industrial contaminated land and next to working railroad tracks?

Why are there no setbacks from the street and California Building that residential zoning would require?

How does a family residential space not have an on-site outdoor play area?

Why are you NOT requiring breaking the development into at least two buildings like the 2040 Plan Policy 5 requires?

Why are you not guiding developers to use residential-zoned areas first?
Why are you NOT requiring protection of existing production use properties like the 2040 Plan calls for? ILOD’s (Industrial Living Overlay)  were not meant to be applied to new buildings on vacant land – why do you support this?
What would it take to change your mind?
23rd & California St NE LS Black
23rd & California St NE LS Black


Second we need to go after LS Black Construction and make them realize we don’t want their development. Call or contact them by email

Comments and Questions for LS Black Construction:
You said you reached out to the The NE Arts Community then why don’t they support your plans?
What have you have done to build community trust? Why don’t the neighborhoods groups feel like you are listened to them?
Why are they trying to build affordable housing on contaminated Industrial land instead of residential zoned land?
Why are you not putting your headquarters here if this is your cornerstone project? We want community builders not Texas developers.
LS Black contact info
Wiliam Boulay
Michael Hudson
Sterling Black
Here is their full team.
Protest on the November 11th
Lastly there will be a protest art The Developer Graveyard Art Happening at High Noon on Wednesday, November 11th on California St  Ave. Lots of blank signs will be made for those who can attend. Please encourage others to attend.
If you do not live in Northeast’s Third Ward, you can be of great help by contacting your own council member to explain why this is important to you, their constituents. We need a minimum 7 votes on the council to stop this development, or we need Steve Fletcher or the developer to withdraw from the project.
Thanks for all your help.
If you have questions email us.