The Developer Graveyard Art Happening

The Developer Graveyard Art Happening

Wednesday, November 11th at High Noon
at California Building
Masks required
You are Invited

The artists and neighbors of the NE Minneapolis Arts District are going to create The Developer Graveyard Art Happening at the 2301 California St NE site. We are looking to create tons of art gravestones at the site. The Arts District wants to empower artists and community members to lay this thing to rest.  Bring pre-made (left over from Halloween painted grey with black lettering) “tombstone” signs or make one onsite when you join us at high noon. If you can not make it at that time, make one and drop off at the California Building loading dock anytime before Wednesday. Come up with your favorite argument against this development. Here are some examples:

By Layl McDill

Follow your zoning laws
How many artists careers have you killed today

Listen to the Neighborhood
Follow the 2040 Plan
Railroads are not playgrounds
Steve Fletcher Call Us
Stop the NE Land Grab
Who does Fletcher Listen Too

Why are City Council members is not listening to neighborhoods
What will yours say?

We are looking for the following:

We need artists and community member volunteers to make or write on the development gravestones about the why this development proposal threatens artists,  arts district and the neighborhoods. If you are not clear why show up and we will discuss. 

Bring materials from your garage or studios: Wood and plastic for people to write on or to fashion into  artistic grave stones. 

Looking for a big bell to ring – We ring the bell every time someone creates a Gravestone

18x 24 boards  or bigger

We need people with phones to take photos and videos of the project and post them on social media. 

If you have questions contact us at