Map & Studio Buildings

This map of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District highlights the major studio buildings as well as the “Northeast Arts Insights” page sponsors. MCN Channel 6 taped this great YouTube feature, hosted by Michael Rainville, longtime arts activist, recaps the District’s mission.

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is home to hundreds of artists representing all mediums–dance to painting, sculpture to graphic design. Although you’re likely to find artists working in most commercial buildings within District boundaries, there are a few major studio buildings that also sponsor “open studio” events that welcome the general public. Stay in touch with those events via these building websites and their Facebook pages:

California Building     Casket Arts Buildings     Northrup King Building     Q.arma Building

Solar Arts Building     Thorp Building

Other District buildings with artist studios &/or gallery space:

Grain Belt Complex     Jackson Flats     Kolman & Pryor Gallery (also a sponsor)

Rogue Buddha Gallery     Rosalux Gallery Cooperative     Waterbury Building

Organizations supporting artists in the District:

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA)

Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce’s site: Destination Northeast