Salute to Karen Wilcox

“Hope” acrylic and oil on plaster, 2020. by Karen Wilcox

By Josh Blanc …

Artist and studio organizing consultant Karen Wilcox parted from Northeast Minneapolis Arts District/NECDC board of directors at the end of March 2021. Karen was part of the first generation of the board, which started in 2014. She quickly took the role of secretary.

Ms. Wilcox is a master of the English language; her skills are evident in the Arts Insights pages and our monthly e-newsletter, where she has edited and even written articles over the years. The board benefited from her professional note taking and tactful editing of grant proposals. She always gave the board the best foot forward. We will miss her thoughtful ideas and suggestions.

We wish Karen Wilcox all the best as she moves forward to her next adventure.

Karen recently informally described herself as a “recovering mixed media artist.” In her artistic career she altered found objects and integrated them into artwork from a very intimate scale to larger than life. “Sources of feminine wisdom, compassion, and strength influence my mixed media painting, sculpture, and video installations. I am inspired by writing and imagery about the subconscious, feminism, mythology, and religious and spiritual symbolism. Aesthetically I draw from the artistic traditions of Surrealism, magical realism, and the grotesque to question conventional perceptions of power and personal value.” (From

We are grateful to all of the people who have served and are currently serving on the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District board. Having such high skill level people volunteer to build upon this impressive arts community is necessary for the community’s success.