Reinventing Gift Giving

Down with Soulless Gifting – Support the Stand With Artists Project (SWAP) ACW Registry

by Barbara Bridges

Community: a feeling of connectedness with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. You may be a member of many communities related to faith, school, work, social action, gardening and family. The Northeast Minneapolis based global non-profit, Art to Change the World, bonds its community with the belief that art CAN and DOES change the world. We are currently challenged with HOW to create community. I am beginning to realize that we will not be returning to what we knew before. Even when we see the end of COVID-19- there may be another challenge following. This is an opportunity to reinvent our lives because, honestly, was the old “normal” all that “great”? The world will belong to those who have the creativity and courage to look at the new menu in front of  them and make themselves a new and better meal.

Here is an example:

ACW is reinventing gifting. This holiday season will be different in many ways. Please consider adopting artworks from ACW members. Think community on birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings, brides and grooms. Stand with the artists and connect our arts community to your family and friends. When you give art, the soul of the artist joins you in your space. ACW Artists receive 100% of the sale. It’s based online but becomes personal/relational. You will receive your art directly from the artists and your name will be added to the object listing when you adopt. Check it out.

Stand With Artists Project – ACW Registry:

Down with Transactional (“What’s in it for me) and up with Relational (What’s in it for US).

New members can join ACW for as little as $10 during the time of COVID.