“Please Tell Us a Story”

Daphnae Koop

We are in a surreal time period and the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District board is trying to get perspectives, the experiences of the artists in the district, to share in our e newsletter and possibly in the Arts Insights page in the Northeaster. Please tell us a story, about one or two paragraphs, a poem, short story, video or image of your experiences and or thoughts. Keep them coming—as we all go through this we would like to create a kind of storybook to document this moment.

What are you doing with your time?
What are you hearing from other artists?
Are you creating new works? Are you willing to share them?
How do you spend your time during the days and nights creating?
How are you communicating with others? Skype, text, Facetime etc.
What are your biggest concerns right now?

13th Ave March 29th Nicholas Harper

Anything fun, wild, out of the ordinary that you would like to express — we want to hear about it. We want to help others feel like they are not alone and see if there are common threads or practices artists are doing to survive this major challenge in our community.

Please post images of your art and thoughts by tagging https://www.facebook.com/northeastartsdistrict/

Thanks for your consideration

P.S. Please share if you know an artist in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District that might want a moment to share their experiences too.