Piotr Szyhalski’s Labor Camp Report prints in Weimar Germany ACC Galerie

Piotr Szyhalski wrote on Instagram: “I am so happy for this: the first exhibition of the complete COVID-19: Labor Camp Report project outside of the US! From December 11, 2021 until February 20, 2022, all 225 prints will be on display at the ACC Galerie in Weimar Germany. It is presented as part of an international show called “Denunziation!” Curated by Knut Birkholz and Frank Motz. I want to extend my gratitude to Knut and Frank for hosting the Report in Weimar, with special thanks to Frank and the amazing crew at ACC for their hard work installing the project so wonderfully.

ACC Galerie is housed in a historic building (apparently Goethe lived in it between 1776/1777!) and offers a very unique architectural, spacial features. Rather than cavernous spaces of modern white-box museums/galleries, ACC functions as a complex of small, intimate spaces connected by a long, circular, meandering space in which the Labor Camp Report is displayed. In this installation the beginning of the series is just around the corner from its end hinting at a endless cycle. It feels appropriate to acknowledge that loop, as we enter year 3 (!!!) of the pandemic.”

“Denunziation!” features:
Tsuyoshi Anzai (Japan)
Khaled Arfeh (Syria / Germany)
Peter Belyi (Russia)
Gluklya (Russia / Netherlands)
Florian Göttke (Germany / Netherlands)
Arefeh Riahi (Iran / Netherlands)
Sheida Soleimani (USA)
Katerina Stefanidaki and Zafos Xagoraris (both Greece)
Piotr Szyhalski (Poland / USA)
Martta Tuomaala (Finland)