Steve Olson

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The Crossing

Dimensions 16″ H x 23″ W
Medium:: oil and fiberglas resin on carved and burned wood”Tent City” was created in response to the homeless

“The Crossing” is about transition. The painting depicts people moving forward but alone, submerged in the change. The three children break off from the family. The greatest courage is required of the most vulnerable. We are all going through changes. We are all forced to face our destiny, passing from one place to another. From seeming permanence to impermanence. From the old country to the new country. We lose our self in order to chart a new path. The medium of burned wood exemplifies and purifies this transition, assuming a new form, from white to brown.

Dimensions 55″ H X 39″ W
Medium:: oil on carved wood

Artists have always been fascinated by height and high ground to gain perspective on our greater purpose. “Falling Into Place” was inspired by base jumpers who, in search of thrills and purpose, take risks. They find purpose that life is not about self, it’s about the other. We have to stand together and help one another. In the current covid pandemic, this painting represents the love and trust that will carry us through regardless of our suffering as individuals and in groups. We have to be reminded it’s not about us, it’s about creating safe places to take risks and grow.

Dimensions 37″ H X 23″ W
Medium:: oil and pastel on carved wood

“Tent City” was created in response to the homelessness crisis in the Twin Cities. A family braces for cold weather and faces the idea of homelessness. There is no joy other than being together as a family through the worst of times. My work aims to bring empathy and voice to those who struggle; it is a cry for help for homeless people.

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