Peter D’Ascoli

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The Anima, an inner passage

Dimensions 7″ x 5″
Medium:: ceramics

The traditional construct of gender is one of male and female.

Yet, from the biological (male hormones in females, female hormones in males) to the psyche (Jungian psychology specifically) we all contain the “opposite” gender to the one socially identified.

My psychic passage has been a deep dive into the world of mother complexes and father complexes in a search for my ANIMA.  The Anima, that is; the feminine guide to the Self, is elusive but worth the passage.

Dimensions 4.5” x 12” dia
Medium:: ceramics/pottery

Social Passages require Hope

Social Passages into the future require a vision: that vision is called HOPE.  From Barack Obama’s campaign of Hope to the current and long-standing search for a society of equality these passages all require Hope.  May that bowl of Hope be full.

Dimensions 20″ tall x 21″ widest
Medium:: ceramics/pottery

Passage through the lens of history

The Passage of American Pottery as an echo of the passage of American History.

Some years ago, I was gifted a book, Carolina Clay by Leonard Todd, after doing a workshop in South Carolina.  The book was historic, piecing together what is known about an accomplished slave potter known as Dave. He is remembered due to his literacy, skill and the short couplets and statements he inscribed on his large functional pots. There is a connection in the passage across centuries, social status and race that I felt reading about Dave.  This is my homage to a relatively unknown skilled functional potter who used the power of language to enhance his work in a time when that was dangerous.

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