Holly Newton Swift

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Corridor Through Cedars

Dimensions 38″ x 103″
Medium:: Charcoal

This drawing represents a passage of woods from the Boreal Forest along Lake Superior. The area was devastated from a fierce wind. I didn’t notice the distruction at first because of the evening light and drizzling rain. I became aware of the contrast of light and dark in my peripheral vision. I got very excited about the visual contrast. Because I was along a roadside it was like walking next to a Japanese Screen. I divided each section of the landscape into passages related to my emotional response.


Dimensions 37″ x 103″
Medium:: Charcoal

Working from a drawing of the Boreal forest, I wanted to reveal another layer of interpretaion by editing and simplifying from the original drawing. ( this work was made from ” Corridor Through Cedars” , slideshow1) By arranging four seperate sheets of paper to represent each passage of the landscape, I gave emphasis to the rhythm and contrast within each section. The horizontal orientation builds upon each section to find a passage way through the forest.

Dimensions 34″ x 55″
Medium:: Oil on canvas

The geological structure inherent in waterfalls creates a natural pathway of water moving through time. The flux of the water table, the wearing away of rocks creates passages for experiencing an emergence into the energy and transience of falling water.

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