Gail Grabow

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The Fool's Shoe

Dimensions 15.5″h 11″w 13″d
Medium:: Bronzed leather boot with rubber sink plugs

Irony, contradiction, and the element of surprise are the provocative language of the Fool,  and that which keeps our minds moving and happily engaged throughout the passage of time.

Dimensions 48″h 43″w
Medium:: Silicon bronze and convex mirrors

Water represents the feminine principle and all the invisible processes. These processes include reflection, thought, intuition, the psyche, and most of all, the unconscious, the underlying world that we all swim in. As our bodies move through time and space, the mind is shaped, and then guided, by its influence.

Dimensions 34″w x 37″h
Medium:: Silicon bronze

The Ouroboros, or serpent biting its tail,  represents the passages of consciousness within the individual in their process of individuation (Jung). It is analogous to the HIndu ‘Saṃsāra’ or endless round of existence to which all things are bound.  Similarly, the mind is a closed structure, always in motion, devouring and cyclical. Just as the leaf falls from the tree and eventually becomes its nourishment, thoughts fertilize and proliferate to sustain the mind’s journey. They rise and fall and give birth to new levels of understanding. Like a blob of mercury that cannot be nailed down, or like the proliferation of insects, our thoughts often seem ungovernable, but they are our passage toward wholeness.

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