Remo’s Perfect Distraction

The MPCNC LowRider2 designed by Ryan Zellars

Biding my time; that’s an idea alien to me, but that’s what we appear to be doing.  We’re doing what we are told and staying home waiting for IT, the demon virus, to pass.  Everything we need we are ordering online, even food. I need some nuts and bolts but fear the hardware store.

However, speaking of nuts and bolts, I decided to start a new project. I’m building a Painting Machine, a way to put paint to canvas using a computer and an XYZ machine. I scored an old plotter a couple months back and stripped it down to its X axis, including its ink delivery system. To build the Y and Z axis, I’m borrowing elements from the MPCNC LowRider2 designed by Ryan Zellars.

Want to help design it with me? You’ll get to use it if you do. To help or just follow my progress, read my BLOG.