Dougie Padilla Artist, Visionary, Fabulist has been a fixture in the NE Minneapolis scene since its birth in the early 1990s. He has been a part of every major art movement in NE from the start of Art-A-Whirl, Paris NE, Art Jones Gallery, Grupo Soap del Corazón, Salon Artisimo, Satsang Tuesday Nights Meditations, Project Luna Brava and and the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Dougie is a multifaceted personality that can be a brash and imposing figure in our arts community fighting for what is right and fair for artists. His relentless fighting against gentrification is legendary. Dougie’s artwork is distinctive with caleveras, fish, monsters, and crosses channeling his Norwegian/ Mexican/cowboy roots.

For the past three years Dougie and Josh Blanc have been collaborating on developing and defining the Arts District. We discussed and argued about how and what the District’s goals and definition should be. We searched out candidates to serve on the Arts District Board of Directors. Dougie served on the board for a year and a half. He has decided it is time to try some new ventures and has retired from the board. He continues to advise the board and give his time and knowledge to help mentor younger artists. We will miss his charisma, generosity, and experience of the arts in the board room.