Message from the Board

George Floyd watercolor by Kara van Wyk

We are in an intense time in our city and our world. The COVID-19 international challenge had been all-consuming. Minneapolis is now the newest epicenter of response to systemic racism after the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by police officers was captured on video. We condemn the racist violence exhibited by the Minneapolis Police Department leading to George Floyd’s death and are outraged and overwhelmed with sadness.

Our city is in a lot of hurt. We are struggling to express our anger, frustration, sadness, pain and all the emotions that humans are capable of. As an art community, one of our biggest roles is holding up the mirror to society through our art, to accelerate the process of understanding, effecting change and healing. The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District will be searching for, and asking for, examples to share of art that takes on these moments and issues.

— The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Board