Donna Bruni’s solo Summer Solstice exhibit

Donna Bruni Recent Paintings catalog. Image provided by Doug Flanders & Associates


Douglas Flanders & Associates presents a solo exhibition by Donna Bruni, of renowned local and international acclaim, through Saturday, September 25, 2021.
The gallery is open Tues – Sat, 11am – 5pm; at 818 W Lake Street, next to the Bryant Lake Bowl. The entire show can be viewed in-person or online at

Bruni’s work is influenced by the ever-present movement of nature, the paradigm we live in. This recent Summer Solstice Series marks the return of light, as the world moved through many months and seasons of COVID isolation and uncertainty. The paintings explore the idea of vertical landscape, earth’s perpetual movement and changing perspectives, through use of light, color, shapes and forms on canvas. The Summer Solstice celebrated by ancient cultures is an important date in the sun’s cycle, used to create calendars and monuments such as Stonehenge. It is the longest day of the year, representing the continual journey we travel from darkness to light, as the sun reaches its most northern position in the sky.

The show is free, open to, and appropriate for, everyone of all ages. All are encouraged to wear a mask. An exhibition catalog is available to purchase for $20, and all work is available to purchase online.

Donna Bruni works out of the California Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.