Corner to Corner

Two shows on the Southwest and Northeast corners of the Arts District are going on simultaneously. Zoran Mojsilov‘s show at the Grain Belt Bottling House, and Witt Siasoco’s paintings in a Lowry/Central storefront.

Mojsilov’s exhibit hosted a collaborative pop up poetry reading (Vimeo below) by Bryan Thao Worra

Zoran Mojsilov show image created by Candy Kuehn

Thao Worra commented: “Reading my poem “The Dancer Introduces One Of His Aspects” from my 2008 collection BARROW in Minneapolis, 2021, 13 years later. Performed amid the works of fellow refugee artist Zoran Mojsilov whose exhibition is open to the public until August at the Grain Belt Bottling House.

“Back in the day, this particular poem always drew pushback from some who shall go unnamed as I explored how a Lao artist might respond to the ideas seen in the dancing images of Shiva Nataraja.

“In traditional Lao culture, we have many influences from Hinduism especially in our epic Phra Lak Phra Lam, a version of the Ramakien (A variation of the epic known as the Ramayana) but I found in the US in our diaspora we haven’t often explored these centuries-old questions with much curiosity or innovation.

“As a Serbian artist, I found so much of the themes of Zoran’s work and journey resonated with me. What he reaches for, what he dares, and what he stands against. I hope he is appreciated sooner rather than later for what he brings to Minnesota and the world. His hospitality, his light, his imagination and his humor is needed in these times more than ever.

“Special thanks to Lao American designer Sabaidee Buatique for my shirt during this performance.



Democracy is Within Your Eyesight
Series of New Paintings by Witt Siasoco

Democracy is Within Your Eyesight

Temporary Arcana Building Storefront Art Installation
920 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
Corner of Lowry Avenue NE and Central Avenue NE
Opens June 5 and exhibition is ongoing

Northeast Minneapolis-based Artist Witt Siasoco created a series of new paintings that combines bold, colorful symbols and pop imagery to entice viewers to draw their own connections and meaning from chaos. Framed by the title Democracy is Within Your Eyesight, placed in and context by the recent murders of Daunte Wright and George Floyd, and illustrated further by Siasoco’s renderings of eyes open and eyes closed, the series encourages visitors to keep their eyes open and responsive to the times that we are living in.

This project is supported by the Arcana Lodge #187 and Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association

Check out more of Siasoco’s art at

By Josh Blanc