Call for Art: The Huxley Commissions 224 Artworks

By Barbara Bridges

Art to Change the World (ACW) has issued a call for art, and objects, coupons or other contributions from Northeast businesses, restaurants, organizations and banks. The non-profit ACW is organizing a neighborhood networking project to welcome more than 100 new neighbors at The Huxley apartments. It’s named Arts District Palette: Where Artists and Neighbors Mix (ADP:WANM).

The Huxley, at 657 22nd Ave. NE, is under construction. When finished, the J-Row sculpture trail will run between it and the Hook and Ladder Apartments on Washington. A sculpture, XOXO by Karl Unnasch, will grace its front, connecting to the 22nd Avenue sculpture trail. Info:

Developer Robb Miller is also commissioning small works from 20 artists, each making 11 or 12 pieces. Each new resident will chose two and receive a welcome bag from businesses and organizations with an invitation to an outdoor pop-up event later this year where new residents can meet the artists.

These new neighbors may be our next generation of collectors! People want to move to Northeast because of the art and artists here; with Arts District Palette: Where Artists and Neighbors Mix, they have the opportunity to meet those artists.

Art to Change the World’s goal with this project is to preserve the vibe and spirit of the neighborhood, raise our voices to try and influence and shape the change that high density brings. Keeping the lines of communication open is one strategy for ensuring the artists will not be driven out of Northeast because of free-market economics.

Apply to be an artist by February 15, 2021. Promote your business! Join us! Visit here to learn more about the project.

Project partners so far include: NEMAA (Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association), The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Northeaster newspaper, The Huxley residential building, and Sociable Cider Werks. Contact ACW Director, Barbara Bridges, for more details at