Airport Thank You!

Artist Kyle Fokken

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is thrilled with the enthusiastic response to our Call for Artwork for our year-long exhibits, scheduled to launch at MSP International Airport in January 2021. 70 artists submitted work for consideration on the Passages theme, and more than 40 for The Art of Abstraction. The curatorial process, choosing from these submissions, is now underway. In addition, there will be more than 500 images in the looping Slide Show. This is a great opportunity to introduce an international audience to the breadth and depth of artistic expression that goes on in our district. Thank you to all who submitted!

Denise Tennen is managing the overall process. Remo Campopiano designed the online submission portal as well as the display portal for the curatorial process. Margo Ashmore is writing a history (including historic photos) of the Arts District that will be incorporated into the larger of the two exhibit spaces. Kudos to them and Leslie Palmer-Ross who shepherded the initial application to Arts@MSP.

•We are seeking photos for the history portion of the exhibit: anyone who might have photos of people at work in the old factories and former stores in the area of the map above, Margo Ashmore would love to hear from you in the next week or so.
Contact at 612-867-4874 or