NE Sculpture | Gallery Factory’s Social Justice Billboard Project

The first three works of the Social Justice Billboard Project are up! You can see the artworks by William Ransom, Peyton Scott Russell and Melodee Strong on our Instagram and Facebook, or in person at the vigil site on 38th Street and Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN.

A big thank you to all who have supported the Project so far by donating or sharing the information with their communities. Because of your help and generosity, the SJBP GoFundMe has raised over $12,000, enough for a year-long payment for one billboard. We anticipate that the installation of these first three artworks will keep up the momentum going! We’re still working on achieving our goal of $33,300 to cover rental, installation, and artists’ honorariums for all three billboards for an entire year.

Melodee Strong


Some background: The Social Justice Billboard Project is intended to elevate the voices and artwork of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists. NE Sculpture | Gallery Factory is renting three commercial billboards at the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, the vigil site for George Floyd. Two of the billboards are on top of the Cup Foods; the third is diagonally across the intersection. Our aspiration is to fund these three billboards for one year, with three participating artists rotating every three months for a total of 12 large-scale works by 12 BIPOC artists.

NE Sculpture | Gallery Factory is seeking support to fund the full year of usage for all three billboards. GoFundMe can accept support from individual patrons, foundations and businesses. No donation is too small, and if excess funds are raised we will extend the program for as long as possible.